Friday, July 28, 2006

Another day, another Conservative dissident

Today's dissident, Richard Viguerie. On the heels of William F. Buckley dumping on Bush about Iraq and his tarnished "conservative' virtues, Viguerie joins in. Has a few interesting things to say on the likes of Tom , Rudy and John :
What really affects our life is the legal stuff, the legal thefts, the legal plunder of people [by people] like Tom DeLay, for the sole, in my opinion, immoral purpose of holding onto power. They are engaged in this illegal theft, spending money that doesn’t belong to them to hold onto power. And that’s corrupt and immoral. And people who are engaged in that are in no way worthy of the label conservative.
Raw Story: John McCain seems – at least right now – to be the front-runner among Republicans for the 2008 race, and has done so by asserting his independent streak while courting the Bush team and Bush’s supporters. What’s your opinion of McCain, or say, Rudy Giuliani?

Viguerie: The idea that Giuliani is a serious candidate for a Republican nomination is not a serious idea. It would destroy the Republican Party. He’s a serial adulterer, he doesn’t agree with Republicans on virtually anything... He doesn’t agree with the Republicans on the second amendment.

McCain is interesting. He’s a serious candidate. McCain is like a political broken clock. He’s right a couple of times now and then. Right on spending primarily, and right on other issues. But he has a real problem with conservatives because conservatives don’t see him as a conservative.
The hard core right is not at all sold on McCain and Giuliani, if you consider Viguerie's views to be representative. The mainstream media's anointment of these two as front-runners may be entirely premature. And don't you just love his "serial adulterer" comment about Giuliani. That's a bucket of cold water for you...