Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The G8 Boor

As Impolitical did yesterday, Maureen Dowd takes note too of Bush's strange behaviour at the G8 summit,"Animal House Summit":
The open-microphone incident at the G-8 lunch in St. Petersburg on Monday illustrated once more that W. never made any effort to adapt. The president has enshrined his immaturity and insularity, turning every environment he inhabits — no matter how decorous or serious — into a comfortable frat house.

No matter what the trappings or the ceremonies require of the leader of the free world, he brings the same DKE bearing and cadences, the same insouciance and smart-alecky attitude, the same simplistic approach — swearing, swaggering, talking to Tony Blair with his mouth full of buttered roll, and giving a startled Angela Merkel an impromptu shoulder rub. He can make even a global summit meeting seem like a kegger.
He treated Tony “As It Were” Blair like the servant in “The Remains of the Day,’’ blowing off his offer to help with the Israel-Lebanon crisis, and changing the subject from substance to fluff at one point, noting about his 60th-birthday Burberry gift: “Thanks for the sweater. Awfully thoughtful of you.’’ Then he razzed the British prime minister, who was hovering and wheedling like an abused wife: “I know you picked it out yourself.”
Well worth a read today. Hones right in on Bush's incredibly boorish behaviour throughout and perceptively picks up on his casual approach to his job...focussed on getting home, complaining about lengthy end of conference speeches...suggesting that it may indeed be the case that W doesn't really enjoy the substance of his job. It's hard work, you see...and this guy's seen little of it through the course of his life. Weeks like this tell the story.