Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Inappropriate Bush

Why is this inappropriate? Look at the way she recoils. You don't see him massaging Chirac or Blair, do you? He wouldn't do it. Maybe he'd backslap them or do the "Yo, Blair!" thing. But he presumes he can touch Merkel in this way. This is particularly irksome for a woman and invades her space. Ask a woman whether she likes having this done in the workplace and see what she says. Let alone at an international summit. Not to mention the subservient aspect to this kind of touching. And not to mention that she is likely not too happy to be seen as being subservient to the most unpopular leader in the world...think this'll help her back in Germany?

Quite the summit for , don't ya think? Guess Time had it right when they ushered in the end of cowboy diplomacy...