Wednesday, July 19, 2006

John Dean's new book

A Q & A with John Dean on his new book, Conservatives Without Conscience:
It is long past time to start using the "A" word - authoritarianism - when talking about contemporary American conservatism. I started working on CWC in 1994, looking for explanations of what had happened to conservatism. Why were these people so nasty, mean-spirited, self-righteous and aggressive? Why were conservative leaders so manipulative? Why were the followers so compliant and unquestioning? After 9/11 I intensified my researching but I was still looking for answers in a lot of wrong places before I discovered some fifty years of social science research into authoritarianism. This information was an epiphany for me. It explained contemporary conservatism, not in the words of social scientists, rather in the words of authoritarian conservatives themselves. For these studies are based on answers to literally hundreds of thousands of questions over an extended period.