Friday, July 21, 2006

Jr. MacKay sounds off


Seems Peter "I'm a big fan" MacKay had time, what with the massive evacuation he's overseeing, to pen a scrappy little letter to his pal, Ed Greenspon, the Globe's editor.

How dare the Globe use an unnamed source in their story yesterday suggesting the PMO was controlling evacuation efforts and simultaneously screwing it up! The nerve! And shouldn't the Globe have had the common decency to name their confidential source to the PMO and allowed them to set the record straight, for heaven's sake.

Junior goes on to warn the Globe's Editor in Chief that he should not be allowing such "uninformed and false sniping from the shadows of anonymity" given what's going on in the Middle East. Do I hear echoes of Ari Fleischer here? Remember Ari's classic warning, "People should watch what they say." Are you really venturing into that territory Junior? Are you really lecturing the Globe about when it's appropriate to cite unnamed sources? This is really a remarkable little development in the nascent war the Conservatives have launched against the media.

Junior MacKay has got a lot of gumption, I'll give him that. But he and his confreres should back off from this anti-democratic suppression of free speech tendency thing they've got going on in a big way. I think I'd prefer the Editor in Chief of the Globe and Mail to be making decisions about confidential sources and what they have to say, rather than checking with the PMO for approval on a story line.

Pretty incredible.