Friday, July 07, 2006

A Larry King Live review

Yeah, on the front page of the web site for the Times, a review of on Larry King: President Has a Smooth Ride on 'Larry King Live.' A story that seems to have been placed for effect. As in, mess with us, we're going to be watching your every move, including critiquing your appearance on Larry King:
And just as Liza Minnelli seemed to come unglued all on her own in her appearance on the show last March, Mr. Bush at times seemed tense and defensive even without needling from his host. "I've been popular before, as president," Mr. Bush said tightly. "And I've been — people have accepted what I've been doing." He added: "Sometimes things go up and down. The best way to lead and the best way to solve problems is to focus on a set of principles. And do what you think is right."

The president appeared on Mr. King's show twice before, in 2000 and in 2004, but those were campaign interviews. On Thursday, the president was fighting to improve his battered image.

When he was at a loss for words, Mrs. Bush stepped in to speak on his behalf, sometimes with more dexterity than her husband. "Well, sure, you know, we worried about it, obviously," Mrs. Bush replied when asked whether she was rattled by the North Korean missile tests. "But what I spent the day doing actually was watching our shuttle take off from Florida." (emphasis added)
Just as unglued as Liza! Brilliant!

"Sometimes with more dexterity than her husband."

Thanks for the coverage...:)