Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mini Bush losing ground in poll

Poll suggests Tory fortunes fading:
"A new poll suggests Stephen Harper's post-election surge in popularity has dissipated and dimmed his chances of turning his minority government into a majority.

The prime minister's Conservatives lost ground in the country's two crucial battlegrounds, Ontario and Quebec, according to the Decima poll made exclusively available to The Canadian Press."
Nationally, the Conservatives had the support of 36 per cent, the Liberals 30 per cent and the New Democrats 17 per cent.

In the two provinces that will determine whether Harper can turn his minority into a majority, the Conservatives had lost the ground they gained during a post-election honeymoon.

In Quebec, the province Harper has wooed most assiduously, the poll found the BQ had rebounded to 43 per cent, up five points since a Decima poll in May, while the Tories had slipped six points to 23 per cent. The Liberals had 18 per cent and the NDP eight per cent.

And in Ontario, where the Tories and Liberals had been neck and neck as recently as mid-June, the poll found the Liberals had pulled into a nine-point lead with 43 per cent support, compared to 33 per cent for the Conservatives and 18 per cent for the NDP.

"These patterns suggest that some recovery of the Liberal brand may be underway in Ontario and also that the Conservative momentum in Quebec has reversed, at least for the time being," Anderson said. (emphasis added)