Thursday, July 27, 2006

The rookie

Harper bumbling, still. Apparently it's a puzzle as to why U.N. peacekeepers are in Lebanon and for Harper, they should pick up and run the moment the going gets tough. Unfamiliar with the U.N. role, yeah, I'd say so.

And further, apparently only real Canadians are going to be assisted in the future if war breaks out in a future conflict. Listen to the insinuations galore:
As the evacuation efforts of Lebanese-Canadians wind down -- as many as 10,000 will leave Lebanon with Canadian government assistance -- Mr. Harper yesterday defended his position on the massive evacuation but reiterated that he would revisit policies in the future.

"Our priority in this case has been the evacuation of citizens who are also residents but we have also been willing to evacuate citizens who are not permanent residents of Canada," he said.

"This has been somewhat controversial but there are large numbers involved and in other parts of the world there are even larger numbers involved. In future I think we'll look at the lessons learned here and evaluate what are the reasonable expectations of the government of Canada in these kinds of crises."
We'll just let the pseudo-Canadians fend for themselves when the rockets fly. They may have family in Canada or have dual citizenship, but let's cut them off when they might need a safe haven most. Because hey, it's not like we can afford it or anything compared to the Lebanons of the world.

I'll agree with him on one thing. I do hope there's a review of such policies in the future and hopefully it'll take place under a new government and not this small-minded bumbling crowd that is doing such damage to our international reputation.