Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rove confirmed Plame was a CIA agent

To Novakula that is. This we really knew a long time ago. But not straight from the horse's mouth, if you will. There have been reports earlier (undoubtedly from Murray Waas, I'm too lazy to call them up right now, but bet on it) which drew attention to the "I heard that too" versus "Oh, you knew that" variations on confirmation Rove apparently gave Novak on Plame's identity.

So let's all remind ourselves, once again, that it's been confirmed that Rove, senior aide to the President, confirmed the identity of a CIA agent to a journalist and yet there have been no consequences. It was careless, reckless or intentional outing of a CIA agent. And yet no indictment. No resignation. Just party on, Karl, with reckless abandon, destroying political civility as we know it. You have the President's blessing at that. This President, who so speciously picks and chooses which security leaks are important and which aren't...just remarkable. Down is up. Black is white. Night is day...