Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Soldier's father denies son was ill-trained, unhappy:
"Cpl. Boneca was the 17th Canadian soldier to die in the country. One Canadian diplomat has also been killed.

Since Cpl. Boneca's death, questions have arisen about the fallen soldier's feelings about Canada's mission in Afghanistan.

The father of the soldier's girlfriend Megan has suggested that Cpl. Boneca was terrified of his mission and ill-equipped for its demands.

'They weren't prepared for what they ended up with over there, that's the big thing,' Larry DeCorte said in an interview in Tuesday's edition of The Globe and Mail.

Cpl. Boneca was on his second tour in Afghanistan when he was killed. However, Mr. DeCorte said the latest mission was different, with the young soldier being sent to Kandahar to rout the Taliban.

'When they went over there, they didn't think they were going to have that kind of combat,' Mr. DeCorte said.

'They thought it was going to be the same kind of things, going on patrols and stuff like that, not hand-to-hand combat like he ended up in. Also, they aren't mentally prepared for it. He wanted out in the worst way.'"