Friday, October 27, 2006

About that Tennessee Senate ad...

An overlooked aspect of that slimy Republican ad to most Americans is the gratuitous swipe taken at your northern neighbour. No doubt meant to fuel up part of the O'Reilly-Republican base crowd that suspects Canada for all things terroristic and left wing. The offending line?
“Canada can take care of North Korea. They’re not busy,” says an actor in the campaign advertisement, against Representative Harold E. Ford Jr., a Democratic candidate for the Senate in Tennessee.
Well, we are actually a little busy these days. In a place called Afghanistan? Remember that little old place? Home of Osama bin Laden? Ringing any bells?
The perceived slight against Canada comes at an awkward time for its minority Conservative government. The recent deaths of Canadian soldiers have prompted criticism of the government’s decision in September to increase its deployment by 500 troops to 2,500.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who increased military spending this year, has made developing close relations with the Bush administration a priority.
Mini Bush's efforts have certainly made a big impression, haven't they? And the ad is not the view of Bush, his administration or most Americans protests Bush's thug, David Wilkins, the American ambassador to Canada. Oh, well then. That explains why we're being trashed by a Republican financed ad campaign.

We're your neighbour. We're actually your best friend. Most Canadians love Americans - just not the Bush administration. And for good reason apparently.