Thursday, October 19, 2006

Clinton on the "common good"

From his speech yesterday, always worth a listen:
“Not that we want a bland, mushy, meaningless politics — we like our debates,” Mr. Clinton said. “The country has been well served by its progressive and conservative traditions. We understand that campaigns will be heated, but we want it to be connected somehow to the real lives of real people, to the aspirations of ordinary Americans.”

He continued: “This sort of politics — striving for a common good — for me stands in stark contrast to both the political and governing philosophy of the leadership in Washington today and for the last six years.”

“The more ideological, right-wing element of the Republican Party has been building strength, partly in reaction to things that happened 40 years ago,” Mr. Clinton said.
And more here:
"I long for the day when we will return to a debate that is not about who's a good person and who's a slug, not about who represents the religious truth and who is basically running for office on his or her way to hell," he said. "I long for the day when Republicans and Democrats will sit around and have these raucous, exciting arguments and actually love learning from one another and we create the common good out of the dynamic center."
Helpfully filling a vacuum at just the right time.