Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The demonization of Nancy Pelosi much harder now

As the midterm elections draw nearer in the U.S., you hear the specter of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House being hauled out as a rallying cry for the Republican base. I heard one such commentator say so jsut over an hour ago on MSNBC, Michael Medved. So what's the problem with this tag line? Frank Rich put his finger on it this past Sunday in his column, "The Gay Old Party Comes Out:"
As for Mr. Foley, he is no more representative of gay men, whatever their political orientation, than Joey Buttafuoco is of straight men. Yet he’s a useful creep at this historical juncture because his behavior has exposed and will continue to expose a larger dynamic on the right. The longer the aftermath of this scandal continues, with its maniacal finger-pointing and relentless spotlight on the Republican closet, the harder it will be for his party to return to the double-dealing that has made gay Americans election-year bogeymen (and women) for so long. (emphasis added)
The wind comes out of the sails on the Rethug attack on gays for political advantage, courtesy of the Foley scandal. When the Rethugs whip out the "Nancy Pelosi as Speaker" fear tactic, they usually also mention at the same time that she's from San Francisco. Why do you think they do that? Their implicit message is that she's from the heart of gay America and we can't have such a representative as Speaker of the House.

The Foley matter makes this pathetic attack just that much harder to pull off without the stench of hypocrisy billowing around it.