Sunday, October 15, 2006

How Bush Sr.'s aides really feel about Jr.

Interesting insight, here, by Tom DeFrank today in the form of Bush 41's aides and their pointed barbs about Bush 43 and his disastrous Iraq policy. My favorite:
Everyone knew how Rumsfeld acts," another key 41 assistant said. "Everyone knew 43 didn't have an attention span. Everyone knew Condi [Rice] wouldn't be able to stand up to Cheney and Rumsfeld. We told them all of this, and we were told we don't know what we're doing."
Everyone knew 43 didn't have an attention span. Do you believe that? What serious presidential aides say about the sitting president. It's unbelievable that the charade of W's competency for the job has been able to be perpetrated on the American people. And there's this:
The ultimate sticking point for the old guard is Iraq. They cite the appointment of 41's close friend and former secretary of state, James Baker, to chart a new Iraq policy as belated vindication.

The 41s remain incensed, however, that Brent Scowcroft, 41's national security adviser and once a top outside adviser to this administration, has been demonized since he wrote a 2002 article opposing an Iraq invasion.

"What Brent said is now the accepted wisdom," a senior 41 hand said, "and everyone believes 41 agrees with him, though he'll never say it."
This macho freudian psycho-struggle that's been played out, largely due to 43's insecurities is frightfully pathetic and a costly psychological undertaking at that.