Saturday, October 21, 2006

Junior MacKay and his dog


Junior MacKay, this calling your ex a "dog," despite your pointless protestation that the comment is not officially on the record, is not going away. You can see the evidence here or here. Even the moustache is getting in on the action now, piling on because he can.

What to say about this weighty issue of the day? People may think the issue's getting overblown, but you can't say things like this when you're the Foreign Affairs Minister. Makes you look childish, nasty and vengeful. It says heaps about you, my friend. What would Condoleezza think for heaven's sake? You've created a sideshow that's not exactly helpful as your party is losing support among women and Canadians in general.

We call him "Junior" MacKay here at the Impolitical blog for good reason...:)