Tuesday, October 10, 2006

King George the Second

They don't compare him to W for nothing...

Washington Post editorial today chimes in on Allen's questionable ethics in respect of his stock options held in two government contractor companies while a sitting U.S. Senator. Allen even tried to get government work for one of those companies while having the aforesaid financial interest in the company. Can you say conflict of interest, anyone? And regarding the second company - he just flatly failed to disclose his financial interest in it at all. Apparently that's no one's business, just Allen's. Not a problem if you're not a U.S. Senator - and hopefully he won't be for much longer.

So we have here, in Allen's personal dealings, questionable practices that raise questions about whether he thinks the rules apply to him. Based on these facts, it appears he doesn't. And he probably thinks he can get away with skating across ethical lines since the issue is a tad complex for the average voter. After all, one George W. Bush escaped scrutiny for his own questionable insider trading woes due to one of Papa Bush's SEC friends, not so many years ago.

At least the questions are being raised. And there are certainly a lot of them when it comes to George Allen.