Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Olbermann's special comments generating buzz

AP coverage from yesterday. Of note about his ratings:
Since that first commentary, Olbermann's nightly audience has increased 69 percent, according to Nielsen Media Research. This past Monday 834,000 people tuned in, virtually double his season average and more than CNN competitors Paula Zahn and Nancy Grace. Cable kingpin and Olbermann nemesis Bill O'Reilly (two million viewers that night) stands in his way.
Fear not, Olbermann Watch, Keith's still behind your horse. But he's soaring, wouldn't you say? Those commentaries are doing the trick. And more power to him.
"The purpose of this is to get people to think and supply the marketplace of ideas with something at every fruit stand, something of every variety," he said. "As an industry, only half the fruit stand has been open the last four years."