Monday, October 23, 2006

Rove believes they will win

From the NYTimes today:
Mr. Rove has told associates that the party’s turnout machinery, through which the White House will continue to pump an unrelenting message against Democrats on taxes and terrorism, gives Republicans an advantage of four to seven percentage points in any given race. Though Democrats call that too generous, they acknowledge that it accounts for at least a few percentage points.

Mr. Rove and Ms. Taylor are said by associates to have spent hours going through data on volunteer efforts, voter registration tallies and financial matchups between candidates throughout the states, and they see a path to victory. (emphasis added)
Anyone who thinks the Democrats are on their way to an assured victory, remember 2004 and the crushing reality that sunk in when W actually won a second could happen again due to Rove's get out the vote effort, gerrymandered districts and a fistful of cash pumping negative ads through close races. Bush's legacy is on the line (what's left of it) and the prospect of Democratic investigations of these guys will motivate them to do whatever it takes.