Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rove says "Boo" once more

Trotting out the old standards in Buffalo on Friday night. Democrats are weak, they coddle Al Qaeda-types, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....:
"You can't say I want to win the war but not be willing to fight the war," said Rove, Bush's top political adviser. "And if leading Democrats have their way, our nation will be weaker and the enemies of our nation will be stronger. And that's a stark fact, and it's the reason that this fall election will turn very heavily on national security."
Put this guy out to pasture, please...who seriously believes that Democrats are intent on weakening American security? I mean, really, how can anyone believe that? Other than Rove's true believers, I mean.

He says if Democrats "have their way...the enemies of our nation will be stronger." Hello, Karl? Iraq? Has that strengthened Iran?

And hello, Karl? North Korea testing nukes and threatening war?

Democrats caused the strengthening of those enemies, right?

I hope people wake up and teach this guy a lesson. A badly overdue, well-deserved lesson that his divisive tactics which principally involve smearing Democrats as weak and unpatriotic are just plain over.