Thursday, November 09, 2006

Brooks office park watch

David Brooks also has a column worth a look today, "The Middle Muscles In," providing his view on what the election means.

I disagree with one of his digs - at bloggers, for example, he offers a careless generalization and really, what gives with the continued put downs? He says bloggers could "alienate [Democrats] from the suburban office park moms." Hello? Lots of suburban office park moms are likely bloggers themselves or read blogs on a daily basis! Or they're YouTubing! Again with the stereotyping of bloggers as radical lefties. Come on. That's so old by now.

But beyond that unfortunate slag, he's pushing on with his "office park" theory of the great new "moderate" source of political power in the U.S. which he believes caused this tide for Democrats and represents quite an opportunity for growth. And saying goodbye to "the era of Rovian base mobilization." That's notable and we'll see. I'd have to agree with his final prescription:
The country is hungering for leaders like him: open-minded, unassuming centrists who are interested in government more than politics.
He's speaking of Lee Hamilton, the former Indiana congressman who's been a member of a number of high profile commissions now. I agree with the point on qualities that are desired, but this could be a real recipe for boredom. But it does sound peaceful...