Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bush: unhinged and unfit for office

"Unhinged and unfit for office," a diary by clammyc crossposted on My Left Wing says what everyone in their right minds thinks if they caught any of Bush's press conference yesterday:
And we are watching the very high profile, very public meltdown of a United States President. A so-called "Commander in Chief" who can’t even handle a few pointed and necessary questions from a compliant and deferential press corps. We are watching our Vice President present as "absolute" statements that are long on innuendo, threats and manipulation but even shorter on truth and evidence. We are watching a combative Secretary of State outright lie about negotiation proposals from Iran. The same Secretary of State that nobody in the Middle East wants to talk to.

The administration has become the Land of the Broken Toys. Except for the fact that we all felt sorry for those toys. We shouldn’t feel sorry for these people. They are willfully endangering our country and future every single day. They are unfit for office. They are unhinged, angry, delusional, out of the mainstream.

They are a threat to all of us and to the world at large. They must be removed. And this country deserves nothing less than a debate on their fitness for office, especially at this time in history.
This is exactly the kind of discussion the blogosphere excels in and gets moving. And a discussion sorely needed right now.

A big shout out to My Left Wing, by the way. Maryscott O'Connor, the site's founder, raised a big fuss at DailyKos in the last week over Kos's shrinking blogroll and among other things, his claiming to be a bystander in the '08 campaign. MSOC tells it like it is and has got some incredible chutzpah going on. Check out the site, I highly recommend.

By the way, here's Olbermann's coverage (with some interesting editing):