Sunday, February 11, 2007

David Brooks office park watch

Yeah, semi-obligatory reference to the rise of the office parks is in there today: Who’s Afraid of the New Economy? Brooks' attack on the Democrats today is against the likes of John Edwards, whom I believe he's referencing when he mentions the office parks:
Neopopulists are good at describing the suffering in towns like Mansfield, Ohio, and Flint, Mich. But they act as if they’ve never been to Charlotte or Phoenix, where office parks are shooting up.
And more attacks against "neopopulist" Democrats:
In fact, their political method is based on vilification over explanation. They vilify unpatriotic executives, but the vast majority of job losses are caused by technological change, not outsourcing. They vilify overpaid C.E.O.’s, even though their pay packages have nothing to do with the stagnant wages of the unskilled. They vilify foreign governments for not living up to the rules of “fair trade,” even though developing countries could enforce every labor and environmental regulation under the sun and their workers would still be cheaper for low-skill tasks.
This is rich...the Democrats are experts at vilification, apparently...the tone of political discourse in America for the past six years has been set by Bush and Rove, principally. "Vilification" has become part and parcel of typical exchanges on any issue of the day. So why is the tone such a big issue suddenly? Democrats hitting a bit too close to home for Brooks and ringing true with the voting public?