Sunday, February 11, 2007

Frank Rich on Obama today

Frank Rich with a clever column title today on Barack Obama's time in the Senate and his presidential run, "Stop Him Before He Gets More Experience." So what does Rich mean?
If time in the United States Senate is what counts for presidential seasoning, maybe his two years’ worth is already too much. Better he get out now, before there’s another embarrassing nonvote on a nonbinding measure about what will soon be a four-year-old war.
Brilliant! And here's Rich quoting Obama himself on the same point:
“If the criterion is how long you’ve been in Washington, then we should just go ahead and assign Joe Biden or Chris Dodd the nomination,” he said. “What people are looking for is judgment.”
Poor Joe Biden. What a few weeks it's been. Mucks up his reference to Obama and now Obama uses him in turn as the Washington poster boy. And one more point on experience:
Washington’s conventional wisdom has it that the worse things go in the war, the more voters will want to stick with the tried and true: Clinton, McCain, Giuliani. But as Mr. Obama reminds us, “Nobody had better Washington résumés than Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld.” In the wake of the catastrophe they and their enablers in both parties have made, the inexperienced should have a crack at inheriting the earth, especially if they’re clean.
This Democratic race is going to be a very good one...