Monday, February 12, 2007

Gotta love John Mayer

Love his music, and he won tonight too. And how great is he! Listen to this:
"Hunky singer-songwriter John Mayer said that he was working in the same studio complex as the Dixie Chicks when they were recording 'Taking the Long Road' and could hear the greatness down the hall. 'Every time that door opened up and you could make out the music, it was almost an instant classic,' he said. Mayer wound up playing guitar on 'Taking the Long Way,' which competed with his CD, 'Continuum,' for album of the year.

'It's hard enough to make a record when you're chasing the ghost of your last record,' he said. 'But they were running from a lot of ghosts.' He said he admired their artistic restraint: Though 'Not Ready to Make Nice' is defiant, the album isn't quite a rebuke to the group's critics.

'Most people would have made a record four times as brash,' he said. 'To write great songs as your weapon, it's all you need.'"
Well said!