Friday, February 09, 2007

John McCain's blogger gets some attention

"Last summer, Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, hired Patrick J. Hynes, a conservative blogger and political consultant, to be his campaign’s blog liaison. Mr. Hynes quickly ran afoul of fellow bloggers by initially concealing his relationship to the McCain campaign while he was writing critically about other Republicans.

He then came under fire for declaring that the United States was a “Christian nation” in a book and television appearances that predated his work for Mr. McCain. Last November, while employed by Mr. McCain’s campaign, Mr. Hynes posted on his personal blog a picture of Representative Henry A. Waxman, Democrat of California, and invited readers to submit nicknames, some of which were anti-Semitic."
But of course, it's a side note to the Edwards' campaign bloggers being targeted. Anyone going to launch a national campaign against Hynes the way William Donahue has against Edwards and his bloggers? Doubt it. The double standard at play once the legitimacy bestowed on the idiots carping about Pelosi's plane.

Once again, good for Edwards for standing up to these clowns.