Monday, February 26, 2007

Krugman says no more W's, please

Paul Krugman's column today, "Substance Over Image," advocates attention to the '08 candidates' proposals rather than the typical superficial analysis. Because what happened in 2000 was a sorry electoral campaign. As he puts it:
Six years ago a man unsuited both by intellect and by temperament for high office somehow ended up running the country.
And nobody wants that to happen again, clearly. While he focuses on the Democrats today, he does get in a line about Rudy Giuliani which warrants attention:
I should also say that although today’s column focuses on the Democrats, Republican candidates shouldn’t be let off the hook. In particular, someone needs to make Rudy Giuliani, who seems to have become the Republican front-runner, stop running exclusively on what he did on 9/11.

Over the last six years we’ve witnessed the damage done by a president nominated because he had the big bucks behind him, and elected (sort of) because he came across well on camera. We need to pick the next president on the basis of substance, not image.
While this campaign appears to be in the early stages, it seems there's much greater scrutiny of the Democrats thus far. The Republicans' leading candidates have yet to get the level of attention that they warrant, particularly Giuliani. Bush coasted on his 9/11 rubble laurels for a time, until Katrina burst that bubble. Giuliani's been able to escape to a private life and his bubble floats on...still waiting for the front page expose in the NYTimes on Rudy's marriages just as Hillary and Bill Clinton got theirs, for example. And throw in some scrutiny of his business dealings, his qualifications, his record in New York, and so on and so on and so on...