Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Libby trial quote of the day

Ouch. Frosty quote from former NYTimes reporter Judith Miller's former boss:
"Earlier, New York Times managing editor Jill Abramson testified she could not recall Miller suggesting to her that the Times look into Plame, as Miller had testified. But on cross-examination, she added she 'occasionally tuned her out.'"
What a clever burn...:)

In other trial news...there's an interesting bit in the NYTimes report tonight about a question a juror asked of one of today's witnesses, John Hannah, described as "a former deputy to Mr. Libby who is now a national security adviser to Mr. Cheney."
Mr. Hannah also provided testimony for another defense argument when he said Mr. Libby had a notoriously bad memory. “On certain things, Scooter just had an awful memory,” he said, using Mr. Libby’s nickname.

He said that on occasion Mr. Libby would tell him some idea in the afternoon, having forgotten that he, Mr. Hannah, had given him the idea in the morning. Mr. Libby, sitting at the defense table, laughed. Mr. Hannah said in response to a question from a juror — an unusual procedure used by Judge Walton — that Mr. Libby had a good memory for ideas and concepts. (emphasis added)
So the juror bore in on the notion that, yes, Libby might forget details from time to time as we all do...but would he be likely to forget what appeared to be an ongoing concerted effort out of the Vice President's office to target Joe Wilson and his wife, including discussing Valerie Wilson's CIA status with reporters? Yeah, that's a darn good question, juror.