Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Looky here everybody! Mini Bush is surging!

Allan Gregg's poll today:
Were an election to be held today, 34 per cent of voters would opt for the Conservatives, up three points from last month. The Liberals are at 29 per cent, down six points from the same period, while the New Democratic Party is down one point to 14 per cent. The main beneficiary appears to be the Green Party, which has the support of 12 per cent of voters, up from eight per cent.
Described as a Tory "surge." OK? Got those numbers down?

Election results from 23 January 2006:

Got that? Harper's surge is a LOSS of 2% from the election in 2006. Dion's freefall, disastrous tenure (a few months worth!) or whatever other terminology the nervous nellies are using...represents a loss of 1%. 1%!!!!!!!

Keep underestimating and predicting disaster...:)