Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mini Bush paying for focus groups to tell him how to speak

Too bad it's not working:
"The Conservative government has been 'too American' in its attempts to justify the Afghan war to a skeptical Canadian public, according to an internal report commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The extensive critique of the Tory communications strategy on the war comes from a series of cross-country focus groups conducted in November 2006 at a cost of almost $76,000.

The study, obtained by the Toronto Star, found that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was 'echoing' U.S. President George W. Bush in his attempt to explain why Canadian soldiers are fighting and dying in the country's southern province."
They can't help it...they love the Republicans and Bush. They think Bush is right.
The Tory communications problems are compounded by "a general perception that this government is already closely aligned with the U.S. on other fronts," the report states.
Yes they did we end this week? Let's see, Harper calling Dion "soft on terror." Hello? Straight out of the Bush/Rove playbook. This is the basis for an electoral campaign against Harper - along with the "flip flopping" on the income trusts and environmental priorities.

By the way, why are we paying for this political advice to Mini Bush? The retro Conservative party should be paying for this.

We call him Mini Bush here at the Impolitical blog for good reason, you know...:)