Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mini Bush's politics interfering with a criminal investigation

"PM's attack on Liberal fuels bedlam in Ottawa." Let me get this straight. Harper's on the spot in the House of Commons over his partisan effort to re-orient the judicial committees which appoint judges...and he responds by publicly naming a potential witness in an RCMP criminal investigation?
Vancouver RCMP Sergeant John Ward said the police do not release the names of people who may be subject to an investigation and would not confirm whether Mr. Saini is of interest to police for questioning.
Well he's certainly been named now by the Prime Minister of Canada!

Again we see that Harper's modus operandi is to politicize to the extreme any given issue he touches. He's using the Air India inquiry now as a partisan cudgel against the Liberals when he should be ensuring that the inquiry has everything it needs in order to do its job. The Judge leading the inquiry this week said he'd suspend the inquiry because government lawyers are censoring documents so heavily as to prevent the commission from doing its job. That's the problem.

So Harper did what he does best. He threw a bomb at the Liberals to deflect from his own government's actions. Because you know, in Mini Bush's world, it's always the Liberals' fault...