Monday, February 19, 2007

More apology groupthink

Paul Krugman gets in on the "Hillary owes us an apology" groupthink today, "Wrong Is Right." I disagree but at least Krugman has a novel reason worth a read:
For the last six years we have been ruled by men who are pathologically incapable of owning up to mistakes. And this pathology has had real, disastrous consequences. The situation in Iraq might not be quite so dire — and we might even have succeeded in stabilizing Afghanistan — if Mr. Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney had been willing to admit early on that things weren’t going well or that their handpicked appointees weren’t the right people for the job.

The experience of Bush-style governance, together with revulsion at the way Karl Rove turned refusal to admit error into a political principle, is the main reason those now-famous three words from Mr. Edwards — “I was wrong” — matter so much to the Democratic base.

The base is remarkably forgiving toward Democrats who supported the war. But the base and, I believe, the country want someone in the White House who doesn’t sound like another George Bush. That is, they want someone who doesn’t suffer from an infallibility complex, who can admit mistakes and learn from them.
So Hillary has to make up for this deficiency, apparently. Uh, didn't she admit her mistake in her approach to health care reform that went nowhere early in President Clinton's first term? Isn't that a major mistake she's made that she's owned up to? How's that for an example?

Does anyone really think Hillary could ever "sound like another George Bush?" Sorry, I love ya Paul, but this is almost comical.

This apology obsession is really annoying at this point. She's made her decision on explaining that vote. She's not going to apologize. Move along folks...nothing more to see here. Iraq is now about what to do, how to get out, it's about the future. Judge her on her Iraq vote, yes, but more importantly, look at what she's proposing be done.