Friday, February 09, 2007

Obama's mettle

Obama Forged Political Mettle In Illinois Capitol. After reading this article, I'm left with a few impressions. First, I think I can understand why Obama might not be interested in sitting in the U.S. Senate for a number of years. He's had a good hand in legislating, albeit at the state level, for 8 years. And while the picture painted here is one of a pretty solid legislator, it leaves me a little non-plussed. Not that exciting. Not that "big" in terms of presidential qualifications. Better than some (read: W) but not better than others in his field.

And that kind of leads to a second the NY Times article on Obama's law school days, this one also plays up his ability to work in a bipartisan manner, bringing people together. He's described here as "methodical, inclusive and pragmatic." Seems to get things done but in a decidedly low key fashion. Despite his rhetorical abilities, he doesn't seem to like to draw that much attention to himself. Likes to be a conduit. Were it not for his speaking prowess, it's unclear he'd have been lauched into the upper echelons of candidates so easily.

Whether his "pragmatic" history means he is extraordinary enough to be worthy of the presidency is a challenging question - which I am sure many will be looking forward to seeing him answer.