Sunday, February 25, 2007

PQ demonstrating why the Clarity Act was clearly needed

Pardon the pun...:)

This is comical. The verbal machinations that the separatists engage in when it comes to referendum talk never cease to amaze.

So Andre Boisclair wants standards to be set for a future referendum? They want "transparency, legality and legitimacy?" It's called the Clarity Act, my friends, and it's there in the federal statutes for all to enjoy.
"I can't force the federal government to follow our rules," PQ Leader André Boisclair said yesterday, adding that there were "lessons learned" in the last debate over Canadian unity that a more rigorous standard and outside observers might prevent from re-occurring.
Probably not, Andre, since they're likely of questionable legality and/or constitutionality (I confess I haven't seen the details but I do remember Bill 99). The feds have sure as heck got their own rules to follow now and they'll be happy to share them with you at the appropriate time...:)