Monday, February 26, 2007

Quebec election, a few thoughts

"PQ 'delusional,' Charest asserts as race heats up." This is shaping up to be a nasty election indeed. The sharpness of the rhetoric and the hostile tone do not bode well at all. I fear that this is the style of campaign that Harper and his crew are cooking up for the national election as well. Hopefully the Liberals will be prepared to withstand and fight back the onslaught.

In addition to the tone, I am troubled by how quickly the debate in Quebec has moved to the separation issue. Charest seems to be gambling that he can scare voters away from the PQ by ratcheting up the referendum talk. Boisclair, with nothing really to lose given his recent negatives, has taken him up on his dare and is now waving Jacques Parizeau in everyone's face. Could there be a worse scenario? I thought Harper's grand gesture declaring Quebec a nation within Canada was supposed to help do away with such debates. Ooops. Yeah, a big freakin' oops.

There is a lot of discontent about Charest's record in Quebec and if he attempts to cloak it behind the threat of another referendum, the voters may punish him for that reason. Meanwhile, Boisclair and the PQ will have campaigned on holding a referendum quickly in accordance with their separatist agenda. They'll be claiming that mandate.

Careful what you wish for Mr.'re playing with fire.