Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A vacuous Giuliani on display

Dana Milbank has a sampling of his superficial positions presented at a Q&A the other day at the Hoover Institution:
Giuliani threw in bonus thoughts on foreign policy, such as "We clearly won the Cold War" (that two-second snippet had a market value of $71.58), and "We've never been a perfect country, we're never going to be a perfect country, but we're a good country, so we don't like war" ($214.74 for this six-second gem).
Please, tell me more, Mr. Foreign Policy. (The dollar figure references are Milbank's estimates for the "going rate" for Rudy's thoughts, given his post 9/11 $100,000 per speech rates.)
His brief foray into foreign affairs meticulously avoided Iraq. "We've got to say to the rest of the world, 'America doesn't like war, America is not a military country,' " he recommended.

Whatever Americans think about war, Giuliani clearly didn't want to talk about it. The first questioner tried to prod him by asking about those who have a "deep concern" about his lack of "experience in foreign affairs."

"Uh, what makes you think the mayor of New York City doesn't need a foreign policy?" he quipped. He then spoke about his business travel. "I've made about 91, 92 foreign trips and I've spoken in 34, 35 different countries," he said. "So I know the world."
Giuliani listed some of the things he learned from his travels: "My view of it is the American president needs to be our leader in foreign policy." And: "Foreign policy is also very much a part of our economy now."
Is it possible that W is more versed in foreign affairs than Giuliani? Just asking...