Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Canadian institution rife with fraud

First the Ontario Lottery Corporation's credibility implodes upon public reporting by the CBC and now the Ontario ombudsman, now this: "Mounties allege fraud in pension management." Of note, this paragraph in the Globe report:
The committee is examining an Auditor-General's report released last November that said the administration of the RCMP pension fund was rife with nepotism in the early 2000s and that $3.1-million was diverted from the fund to other Mountie accounts. There is no evidence anyone pocketed the money, the Auditor-General's Office said.
Was this the first Auditor-General's review of this issue? If so, why? Apparently this stuff has been going on for at least six years...I can only guess that the internal culture of the RCMP and efforts to stifle proper oversight contributed to the difficulties in making it known.

My understatement of the day: the lack of rigour in the form of independent controls within these respective entities needs attention. Now.

It's a freaking house of cards these days...