Monday, March 19, 2007

Bob Fife watch

After his budget "report" last night, in response to a question from anchor Sandie Rinaldo, Fife stereotyped the Conservatives as being "penny-pinchers" and the Liberals as "big spending." Well, excuse me for throwing a cold bucket of water on Bob's propensity to use Conservative talking points...but it was the Liberals who got control of deficit spending in the 1990's after the excess of the Mulroney years and left the Canadian economy, after over a decade of Martin's fiscal management, in pretty darned good shape. There wouldn't be all these billions to be throwing around if not for Liberal responsibility when it came to budgetary matters. Yet the Conservatives of late, announcing spending like drunken sailors have the "penny-pincher" label bestowed upon them by Fife, making it seem that they are usually the fiscally responsible party - versus the irresponsible big spending Liberals.

I mean, WTF?