Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Budget politics

A central weakness in this budget :
"The budget included several tax breaks for families with children, and measures targeted at some seniors, fishermen, farmers and people who buy fuel-efficient cars.

But the Tories failed to introduce broad-based income-tax cuts for the second year in a row. Last year, the Tories erased a half-percentage-point cut that the Liberals had introduced on the first $35,000 earned."
If I were a Liberal strategist, I think I'd be pretty comfortable arguing for income tax cuts in the next election versus the Conservatives' targeted approach that permits these minor deductions. By the time an election rolls around, it'll have sunk in with people that these small measures don't make much of a difference when tax time comes around. You can have the Conservative pittances versus real income tax relief...that's a substantive argument.

And by the way, now that all the cash is flowing toward Quebec, why does it matter who is the Premier? I mean, the Quebec billions are not contingent on Charest remaining Premier. So are Quebecers supposed to vote for him out of gratitude? I don't see it.