Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dion swinging into election mode

Preview of Dion's electoral themes in his speech today:
The Conservatives promised not to tax income trusts. Mr. Harper made that promise himself. Then he went back on his word – and a million Canadians paid the price. The Liberal income trust plan would soften the blow, and put back some of the money that was ripped out of Canadians’ savings.
The income trust decision is one reason I believe Harper doesn't want an election right now. He might want more distance from it. And the equalization stink that Danny Millions and others are leading don't help in the "broken promise" department.

Dion's strength:
Let me make one more point. I am a very determined person. I will fight this coming election, whenever it may come. And I will fight hard.
Anyone who thinks Dion is weak, confused or a pushover of any sort - because he happens to not be that good, yet, with a teleprompter - is waging a high stakes bet. Video on Garth Turner's site. Dion starts in at about the 5 and a half minute point.