Friday, March 16, 2007

Dion taking the lead on the environment

And going after Harper. Good for him. Getting out on front on this issue with some innovative ideas that will encourage companies to go green.

I would expect the Conservatives to replicate the strategy - as the report indicates - but go heavy on the politics, fear mongering and try to tar Dion as harmful to Alberta, industry and the future of Canada as we know it. You can bet on that. Sounds like Dion's getting primed for it:
“We can no longer use our atmosphere as a free garbage dump,” he said.

“It took a Liberal government to balance Canada’s financial budget. Now it’s time to balance our carbon budget.”
Dion also took a shot at the Conservative government, accusing it of wasting a year as it performed an about-face in its once lukewarm acceptance of the science of climate change.

“Canada will be asked a simple question: In the fight against global warming, will we be a leader again? Under the Conservative government of Mr. Harper the answer is no,” Dion said.

“The world will need to look for leadership somewhere else.”