Saturday, March 10, 2007

The expectations game

Dion from the other day:
"'I will stay myself,' Mr. Dion said after a speech to in Ottawa yesterday. 'I believe in this country. I believe in the orientations I want to propose to my country as a leader. I believe that the intelligence of the Canadian people is the best way to win their heart at the ballot box. And it's what I will do.

'If the prime minister wants to go low, if he wants to take the bully approach, it will be his choice. I will keep the high road, and I'm very convinced it's the best way to have majority support at the next election.'"
I do think that when the time comes, they will have to smack back the attacks from Harper. If Dion's implying he'll have others do it...could work. My feeling is that he's not a natural hatchet man, Harper is. Harper's been baiting Dion and trying to make Dion respond on Harper's turf, in Harper's "tone" for lack of a better word. Dion needs to be himself and not get rattled by the Cons. This quote tells me he's sure of himself and getting back on track. The Conservatives are consistently within 4-6 points ahead of the Liberals and there's room to grow for the Liberals from the Greens and NDP.

It has proven to be a mistake, time and again, to underestimate Stephane Dion and it's happening again.

Fine by me.