Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Gloved Alberto Gonzales Plans Search To Find Real Killer

Hunter writes:
If it was just a runaway Kyle Sampson acting on his own, then the matter would have dropped. The "target list" of U.S. Attorneys wouldn't have been forced out. The Patriot Act provisions would not have been used. And yet, they were forced out, and yet, the Patriot Act was used. By Gonzales himself.

This is one of those things so basic, so absolutely incapable of being spun away that it boggles the mind to be required to explain it. The issue here is not that some guy named Kyle Sampson wrote a note about how to force out politically uncooperative U.S. Attorneys by using a tucked-away political provision of the godforsaken "Patriot Act", the single most unpatriotic piece of legislation passed in the last sixty years. The issue is that the White House and the Attorney General of the United States then did it. They, you know, "acted upon that plan in a coordinated fashion" is I guess what the hip kids today would be calling it. It's res ipsa loquitur on a planetary scale.

They came up with a plan. Then they executed the plan. Then they lied about the plan. Alberto Gonzales' Chief of Staff may have suggested it. But Gonzales and Miers and other elements of the White House political apparatus then did it.

Alberto Gonzales is attempting to spin this such that he didn't use the Patriot Act provisions he himself used to replace the Attorneys he himself replaced, or that he somehow didn't realize he was doing it. That's ridiculous. It's inane. And like much of everything else that's happened in the last six years, it's humiliating that we live in a country where ear-bleedingly insulting hokum like that is taken seriously even for a moment. This man should not be a dogcatcher at this point, much less Attorney General.
The kind of bluntness you won't see on your teevees today...:)