Monday, March 12, 2007

Hebert on the Quebec election

"Charest has stalled on eve of critical debate." Hebert suggests the ADQ's surge may be for real and that Charest - or whoever the next Premier is - is in minority government territory. The three party split in Quebec may ensure a minority provincially, mirroring the federal situation.

Hmmm...weren't the federal Conservatives counting on a Liberal majority as a major boost to their fortunes in Quebec? And payback from grateful Quebec foot soldiers? Looks like the plan may have soured. Instead, Quebec may present a much more challenging face to the rest of Canada in the next few years if it's a minority government we see. Dumont's ADQ and their "autonomy" demands may become the front and center issues of the day. I can just hear Dumont using Harper's grand gesture in a most predictable manner: "Quebec is a nation within Canada? Then put your money where your mouth is Canada and meet our demands for autonomy...".

In the meantime, big debate this week where some of this may be fleshed out.