Thursday, March 15, 2007

How U.S. conservatives view Stephen Harper

Somehow, Impolitical has ended up on the mailing list of Richard Viguerie, who runs I get a kick out of how down on George W. Bush these firebrands are these days. So sad.

Their press release yesterday in response to a NYTimes poll showing the Republicans with terrible numbers going into 2008 happened to catch my eye. Seems the extreme right in the U.S. draws some inspiration from Mini Bush and his new Conservative party that has risen from the "Progressive Conservative" ashes:
“President Bush’s legacy may be to preside over the GOP’s demise. In the 1993 elections in Canada, the ruling Progressive Conservative Party suffered a disastrous defeat and was left with a grand total of only two seats in the House of Commons. The party never again won more than 20 seats, out of 308, and officially dissolved in 2003. However, it was replaced by the new Conservative Party of Canada, which is led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“If the Republican Party continues on its present course, it will follow in the footsteps of the Progressive Conservative Party in Canada. Then, perhaps out of the ashes of the George W. Bush GOP, a new phoenix will arise to lead the U.S. in a conservative direction.”
Isn't it heartening to know that Harper brings such comfort to American conservatives and the future of their movement?

We have our very own conservative phoenix...:)