Saturday, March 17, 2007

Johnny come latelys

"Baird dismisses Liberal climate plan as a money grab." And so, the Conservative low-road-politicking begins.

Harper and his crew really are priceless. Didn't give a hoot about the environment until Dion was elected Liberal leader just over two months ago. Suddenly, they're greener than green, walking around forests, recycling Liberal proposals as their own and now criticizing Dion's proposals while telegraphing that they're going to do the same thing. Says Baird:
“We'll coming forward with regulations for all industrial sectors in the coming weeks and there will be obviously targets for industry cross the board,” he said.
Putting John Baird in charge of the environmental file symbolizes the Conservatives' real strategy here, it's all about communication skills and a public relations onslaught... now Dion's daring them to put their money where their mouths are while the rest of the world shows leadership. Dion's emissions targets move us in the same direction as the recent British and EU efforts.

Will Harper and John Baird do the same?