Friday, March 09, 2007

Krugman with more on the U.S. attorneygate

From "Department of Injustice," Krugman cites a study with some very intriguing numbers:
The bigger scandal, however, almost surely involves prosecutors still in office. The Gonzales Eight were fired because they wouldn’t go along with the Bush administration’s politicization of justice. But statistical evidence suggests that many other prosecutors decided to protect their jobs or further their careers by doing what the administration wanted them to do: harass Democrats while turning a blind eye to Republican malfeasance.

Donald Shields and John Cragan, two professors of communication, have compiled a database of investigations and/or indictments of candidates and elected officials by U.S. attorneys since the Bush administration came to power. Of the 375 cases they identified, 10 involved independents, 67 involved Republicans, and 298 involved Democrats. The main source of this partisan tilt was a huge disparity in investigations of local politicians, in which Democrats were seven times as likely as Republicans to face Justice Department scrutiny. (emphasis added)
Those numbers are astounding. Krugman further reminds us of the election season investigation into Senator Bob Menendez (Democrat) of New Jersey this past fall, launched in the heat of the campaign by the U.S. attorney for New Jersey, a former Bush fundraiser. Recall the Senate is held by the Democrats by one seat.

His column's conclusion:
Before the midterm election, I wrote that what the election was really about could be summed up in two words: subpoena power. Well, the Democrats now have that power, and the hearings on the prosecutor purge look like the shape of things to come.

In the months ahead, we’ll hear a lot about what’s really been going on these past six years. And I predict that we’ll learn about abuses of power that would have made Richard Nixon green with envy.
Couldn't agree more.

There's blood in the water, that's for sure. This Bush crew deserves everything they've got coming to them.