Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mini Bush is an embarrassment

"PM says Liberals support Taliban prisoners more than troops."
The prime minister has accused Liberal MPs of being more supportive of Taliban prisoners than Canadian soldiers -- a claim that has St├ęphane Dion demanding an apology.

The statement came as Stephen Harper attempted to rescue his beleaguered Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor, who was fending off Liberal calls for his resignation over erroneous statements he made about prisoners in Afghanistan.

The Liberals went after Mr. O'Connor in the Commons and demanded his resignation. The minister, red-faced and flustered, repeated the apology he has made several times, saying he had acted in good faith.

Mr. Harper then stepped into the fray, saying he understood the Liberal “passion” about Taliban prisoners, but wished they would show the same support for Canadian troops -- a crack which provoked shouts and jeers from the Opposition.
Beyond the pale, this is par for the course for our exemplary PM, being the model of decorum and civilized statesmanship that he is...:) (Not.)

When Mini Bush is put on the spot, his partisan low-road instincts always shine through. You are what you are, at your core. You can't change that. It's like he's trying to channel Mulroney's wit in the House but he can't pull it off. So he should just stop. Get a hold of yourself, man.

We call him Mini Bush for good reason here at the Impolitical blog, don't ya know.