Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mini Bush is sixty weeks old

And to mark the occasion of the 60 week old Harper government, Garth Turner provides a special list of 60 reasons not to vote for Harper. I like it. Handy reminder of all things dispiriting about Harper's tenure. A few of my faves, I'll just pick, say 11-15:
11. Promising investors a break on capital gains taxes and then abandoning it after being elected.
12. Dredging up anti-gay sentiments by forcing another vote in Parliament on same-sex marriage.
13. John Baird’s partisanship.
14. Parliamentary secretary Pierre Poilievre’s hand gestures in Parliament and F-word comments in committee.
15. Refusing to allow media coverage of the return home of our Afghan war dead, without consulting the families.
Just 4 of 60 wonderful reasons not to support Mini Bush.

I think there's some very evocative material here that could form the basis of some very effective campaign ads.