Friday, March 30, 2007

Mini Bush's office concerned about Jason Kenney comments

On Kenney expressing support for Mario Dumont's "...controversial concept of "reasonable accommodation" for religious minorities": picked up in this media report . Is Kenney road-testing this tact, i.e., parroting Dumont, for an appeal to these instincts in a federal campaign in Quebec? Do the federal Conservatives really want to go down this road?'s a dangerous road for them.

Why do I think they're concerned about Kenney's comments? The Privy Council Office is looking for reaction to it. They visited my blog today on the issue. Hi guys!

I've expressed my view on this before. It's a dangerous liaison for Mini Bush and his crew who are perceived, in a good part of Canada, as retaining the vestiges of Reform, shall we say, intolerance. As I wondered in my post this past week:
And is it good news for Harper's Conservatives to be affiliated with a latent resentment of minority accommodation that Dumont tapped into during this election?

Since the fall, an angry debate over accommodating religious minorities roiled the province.

More incidents erupted during the election campaign. People complained that their party at a sugar shack was curbed by Muslim patrons who needed prayer space. There was outrage over whether Muslim women should lift their face veils to identify themselves when they vote.

Mr. Dumont barely touched on those issues during the campaign, but he had already gained a lot of capital last fall when he was the only leader who spoke forcefully against accommodations, saying Quebec had gone too far in placating religious minorities. (emphasis added)

Nah, that's not a good look for Mini Bush and his gang...this is exactly the kind of issue Harper's Conservatives need like the plague at this point. They're ticking time bombs with such issues and they embrace it at their peril.
My oh my how the PCO loves to keep tabs on its MP's...:)