Monday, March 26, 2007

More allegations of Conservatives buying off candidates

"OPP investigating affidavit alleging Tory link to mayoralty offer." John Reynolds and John Baird's names come up here in connection with the Ottawa mayoralty election in 2006.

A former mayoralty candidate, Terry Kilrea, claims he was offered a position on the Parole Board in exchange for him dropping out of the race. He's sworn an affidavit to that effect and now the OPP's investigating. John Reynolds is alleged to have been the source of the patronage offer. Kilrea claims he was instructed to call John Baird about it if he was interested. The guy making the offers to Kilrea was Larry O'Brien, the now Ottawa mayor. O'Brien is supposedly John Baird's friend.

Which brings us to this:
Then-treasury board president John Baird's unusual, mid-campaign intervention on a federal transit grant dramatically altered the course of the campaign, and ultimately helped O'Brien win by a wide margin.
It appears that the Conservatives were very keen to see Larry O'Brien win the mayoralty race. Why? Is it payback? Who is O'Brien?
O'Brien was founder and CEO of Calian, a technology company in Ottawa. He and his wife Debbie, and their two sons, Matthew and Michael, presented the SCO Health Service Foundation with a cheque for $400,000 to benefit Saint-Vincent when it was being renovated and expanded.
Is it just that O'Brien is an ally of Baird or was O'Brien a Conservative financial contributor? I'd like to know.

Echoes of the recent Stockwell Day allegations here as well.